The new museum of Istanbul was recently opened for visitors. It is located in Istanbul’s Grand Camlica Mosque Complex and constructed in a closed area of 10,000 square meters (107,639 square feet), was prepared with works selected from the collections of the Topkapi Palace and Palace Collections Museum, Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, Istanbul Archeology Museums, Istanbul Tombs Museum, and Foundations Museum.


The museum features unique artifacts which are traces of 1,200 years of Islamic history, many of which have never been exhibited before. With nearly 800 pieces reflecting the development of Islamic art from the 17th to the 19th centuries, the museum includes 15 thematic sections such as woven Turkish art, works attributed to the Prophet Muhammad, and architectural and decorative elements in Islamic art.


Visitors to the museum will have the opportunity to see many more works such as representative footprints of the Prophet Muhammad, the curtain of Mecca’s holy Kaaba, sultan's caftans, the childhood notebook of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, and Ottoman-era coins.Furthermore, the Mahmel-i-Sharif, which was a vehicle loaded with money and other gifts sent by the Ottomans to Mecca and Medina before the pilgrimage season and the Hilya-i Sharif, which describes the physical and moral beauties of Muhammad (pbuH), is also among the notable works of the collection. 

Those who want to visit Grand Camlıca Mosque can arrive by bus, metro, train or minibus. By the way, don't forget to visit the Camlıca Tower while you are here.

Enjoy the ride!