Parks and Groves in Istanbul


            Parks and groves are the perfect places to enjoy the greenery and get some air in a metropolis like Istanbul. Thankfully, Istanbul offers many beautiful parks and groves in which you can take some fresh air among the trees. Also, most of the parks offer an amazing view of the city, so you can just sit and watch the scenery. Here are some parks and groves that you can drop by on your trip to Istanbul.


            Undoubtedly, the most famous and visited park in Istanbul is Gulhane Park. It is located in the Fatih district, the most touristic area of the city. In history, it hosted buildings such as military warehouses and barracks, palaces and kiosks. During the Ottoman era, it was the imperial garden of Topkapı palace. Today, among the greenery, you can see museums and monuments in and around the park like Islamic Science and Technology History Museum, Tiled Kiosk, column of the Goths and Archeology Museum, besides taking a long walk in it.


Emirgan Grove is a historical urban park located in the Sariyer district of Istanbul. It changed owners several times throughout history. The one who gave his name to the grove is Emir Gûne Han who got the land with the grant of Sultan Murad IV. There are three historical pavilions you can see. Every year, tulip festivals are arranged in the gardens of the grooves to enjoy the sight of the flowers.

Yıldız Park and Grove is another place that is worth visiting if you’re in Besiktas. There are a few historical pavilions to see built in different eras. In history, it was used as a promenade place for the wives of the sultans and the place of entertainment. There are also a variety of exotic trees for those who are curious. Whether you want to stroll, have a picnic or eat in a nice restaurant with a beautiful atmosphere, it is the perfect place for that.

The next one, called Camlıca Hill, is not specifically a park or a grove but a hill which you should be visiting if you happen to drop by Uskudar. You can walk among greenery in addition to eating in restaurants on the hill. Since it’s a hill, you can also view beautiful Istanbul scenery.

Another park and groove with a magnificent view is Fatih Grove (formerly known as Otagtepe park). Even though it is located in Beykoz and away from commonly known touristic places and districts, it is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. However, there are no restaurants or cafes so you can come prepared if you want to eat or drink towards the view.