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Who are you?

We are a group of students from different universities in Istanbul. We voluntarily introduce visitors to our mosques, culture and Islam. As volunteers, we are officially based at the Blue Mosque under the cooperation of the Presidency of Religious Affairs of Turkey, the Blue Mosque Association and Marmara University Faculty of Theology.


How long have you been doing this?

Volunteers have been operating out of the Blue Mosque for more than ten years. However, the current group of volunteers and our team have been carrying out these services since September 2018. After a humble start with a few students, this initiative has grown and continues to grow day by day.


What are your activities?

At the Blue Mosque Information center, we give presentations about the mosque as well as Islam, and answer the visitors’ personal questions during the noon and afternoon prayer times (when the mosque is closed for visiting until the prayer is over). We also offer our services inside the mosque during visiting hours, answering visitors’ questions. In addition to these, we offer refreshments and literature to guests who attend the presentations or drop by in the Information Center. 


What is your purpose in doing this?

Our primary aim is to enlighten our visitors about mosques, history, Istanbul and Islam, and also to clear up possible misconceptions about Turkey and Islam. An additional benefit of these activities is the potential to improve our language and communication skills.


Are all your activities free?

Yes. Since we are volunteers, all activities provided by us to our visitors are free of charge. 


How can we find you in the Blue Mosque?


First you need to find Gate A, which is opposite Hagia Sophia. When you exit the mosque’s garden through that gate, we are at the end of the road on the right, in the Blue Mosque Information Center.


Can you inform us about the mosques in your center?

If you ask us, we will gladly offer you a free mosque tour.


Where did you learn to speak English?

Our department in the Faculty of Theology provides English education. That’s why most of our volunteers learnt English in the university preparatory class. There are also volunteers who took language courses individually, in addition to self-taught volunteers. 


Can we trust your answers to our Islam-related questions?

We feel confident that we are capable of answering these questions, since most of us are students or graduates of Theology. We also arrange additional seminars, webinars and courses to train our volunteers in specific skills and knowledge. 


Do you have any affiliations?

Our organization is associated with the Presidency of Religious Affairs of Turkey, Blue Mosque Association, and Marmara University Faculty of Theology.



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