When Islam is mentioned, one of the first things people tend to think of is Muslim women. In this series of articles, we will try to answer questions about Muslim women.


Are women allowed to drive in Islam?


In general, driving is allowed for both men and women. There is no indication either in the Qur’an or in the narrations (hadith) of the Prophet ﷺ that this is forbidden. On the contrary, acquiring knowledge and learning new things was always encouraged by the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ regardless of gender. Driving is considered an important skill today, required for everyday life as well as in emergencies. Therefore there is no reason for women to not be allowed to drive, as they have every right to learn a new skill and benefit from the relative ease offered by modern technology.


Are Muslim women and men religiously equal?


In Islam, women are equal to men in terms of piety and closeness to Allah. However, they have some physical and emotional differences. This does not equate to any kind of inferiority or superiority. Allah is the Creator of the human being and He is the One who knows them best. He knows their strengths and weaknesses. He knows their psychology, their actions and their reactions. He warns human beings about these and more.

Muslim women are not treated as second-class citizen in Islam. When Islam was first revealed, women were given a variety of rights they did not have before. Islam elevated their status and treated them with the dignity they deserved. Islam is not the source of any injustice faced by women today.


On the other hand, equality may not always mean justice. It’s not always the best idea to deny our own nature. Every human has different strengths and weaknesses. It is misleading to assume that every person is the same. Allah and His Messenger mention these strengths and weaknesses. Our job is to bear them in mind and act according to them by following the commands of our religion.


Whenever they pray, people are equal in their proximity to Allah. “Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous (who has the most taqwa) of you.” [Qur’an 49:13]


Is wearing a headscarf a personal choice? Why do Muslim women wear headscarves?


Modesty is not a choice for Muslim men and Muslim women. If they wish to adhere to the Commandments of God then they should adhere to the Teachings. However, forcing or oppressing people is not something that Islam allows. There are teachings in the Qur’an and Hadith that specify modest clothing, including a head covering for women. Both men and women have to be dressed modestly. A woman must be judged for her character, her intellect and above all her piety—but not for her body. In Islam we believe sexualising our women is inherently disrespectful.