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He was born in the Tavşanlı district of Kütahya in 1968. In 1991, he graduated from the Faculty of Theology in Marmara University and prepared a dissertation for his master’s degree from the same faculty in 1993. He was invited to prepare a PhD thesis at the Institute of Middle Eastern Studies at Leeds University in England. He completed this in 1999. Now with the title of Prof. Dr. at Marmara University, he lectures on the history of Sufism, Orientalism and Sufistic Interpretations of The Qur'an. In the year 2018, he initiated the Blue Mosque Introduction project with the cooperation of Marmara University Faculty of Theology, the Blue Mosque Association, and the Office of Istanbul Mufti. 




Born in 1996, she got her primary and secondary education in her hometown, in the Şebinkarahisar district of Giresun Province. She started her Theology in English bachelor degree at Marmara University in 2014, and completed it in 2019. In the last year of her bachelor degree, she joined the Blue Mosque Introduction Project as volunteer coordinator. After graduation, she was hired by the Blue Mosque as a staff member. She also enrolled in a master’s degree programme for Religious Music at Istanbul University. 



She was born in Istanbul in 1996. She attended Marmara University in 2014 to study Theology in English, and finished her bachelor degree within four years, plus a year of  language preparatory studies. After completing her third year of university, she went to Jordan for some time. Last year she started volunteering for the Blue Mosque Introduction Project. In 2019 she started doing her master’s in the field of Sociology of Religion at Marmara University. She worked at the Blue Mosque as a staff member for 3 months, then chose to continue working there as a volunteer. 




She was born in Istanbul in December 1996. After graduating from high school she began studying Theology in English at Marmara University in 2014. At the end of her first year, she was offered a place in the English teaching department to do a double major. After her third year of Theology, she went to Jordan for a month and a half. In her last year, she decided to volunteer for the Blue Mosque Introduction Project. She graduated from Theology in 2019 and became a staff member at the Blue Mosque for two months. She later continued working at the mosque as a volunteer. She then completed her English teaching degree in 2020 and won a place at Ibn Haldun University to do her master’s in History of Religions. 




She was born in Adana in 1996. She went to primary school in Adana and high school in Istanbul. She began studying Theology in English at Marmara University in 2014. She spent a semester at the International Islamic University of Malaysia from February to June in 2018. After returning to Turkey, she took part in the Blue Mosque Introduction Project during the last year of her bachelor degree. After graduation in 2019, she started a master’s programme for History of Philosophy at Istanbul University and worked as a staff member in the Blue Mosque. After working in the Blue Mosque for three months, she stayed on as a volunteer. 



Born in England, she fell in love with Istanbul while holidaying there in her teens. She later settled in Istanbul, near Ortakoy Mosque, and lived and worked there for five years. Although she eventually moved back to England, she left a piece of her heart in Ortakoy. She converted to Islam a few years ago and is looking forward to one day revisiting Istanbul as a Muslim. She recently started working with the Blue Mosque Introduction Project as editorial consultant.