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Who are you ?

We are a group of students from different universities in Istanbul. We voluntarily introduce our mosques, culture and Islam to our visitors. 

Since September 2018. Our professor Süleyman Derin suggested we do this event and it has started since that day. This initiative, which started with a few students, has grown and continues to grow day by day.


At the Blue Mosque Information center, we make presentations, and inside the mosque we try to give informations about the mosque and Islam. In addition to these events, we provide information about the topics they are interested in and during our chats with them we also learn new things from them.

Our first aim is to enlighten our visitors about mosques, history, Istanbul and Islam, and also clear up possible misconceptions about Turkey and Islam. While doing these activities, we also try to improve ourselves in terms of languages and communication.


Yes, all activities given by us are free.

First you need to find Gate A, we are at the end of the road on the right when you go out of the mosque’s garden through that gate. 

If you ask for it, we will gladly have a free mosque tour with you. 

Our department in the Theology faculty gives the education in English. 

We can claim that we are capable of answering these questions since most of us are students or graduates of Theology faculties. About the rest of us, we are all educating ourselves organizedly to assure that you are given reliable answers.

Our organization is associated with the Presidency of Religious Affairs of Turkey, Blue Mosque Association and Marmara University Theology Faculty.